TheBizCash is the #1 online lending marketplace for unsecured business and personal loans in the US. Our mission is to help clients achieve their dreams by democratizing access to capital.

Our unique investment program earns a high annual return on investment for those who participate in the program. We are pioneers who are helping you earn a passive source of extra income.

Investor Snapshot

  • distributed investment
  • monthly payout ROI
  • 150,000+ registered business owners
  • portfolio management
  • pre-approved for a loan up to $350,000


In today’s world, we often encounter the word sharing. Whether it be through car sharing, home sharing, office sharing, and social media, sharing has made a big impact in our generation. Not only does it make life more convenient and comfortable, but it also brings about economic fruition and income.

TheBizCash shares funding with the other investors, in other words, for clients who are having a hard time securing capital along with various investors. Our company runs a program to quickly build up loan-working capital and personal loans!

We Believe Small Business Matters

TheBizCash grew out of the 2008 financial crisis when the banks that were supposedly “too big to fail” were not equipped to provide the funding small businesses needed for growth. This left a funding gap of hundreds of billions of dollars which banks left on the side-lines, hampering small business from investing in their businesses and putting people back to work.

TheBizCash is headquartered in Southern California where much of the innovative financial technology transformation is taking place.  We are backed by leading venture capital firms and are passionate about technology, finance and helping small businesses grow.