TheBizCash Assurance insures your investment up to $250,000

TheBizCash Assurance is a similar coverage to the FDIC in a way that it safeguards your investment in the unlikely event of a failure. This is one of the significant benefits TheBizcash provides which you probably never seen before. TheBizCash Assurance covers up to $250,000 per investor, per insured investment, and for each category of account ownership.

How SAFE is my investment?  

When you purchase TheBizCash Assurance premium, it protects your investment from any losses it may incur during the term. TheBizCash Assurance gives you a peace of mind that you receive all the gains, and we pay for all the losses. The value of your investment will never go below your original investment.

How does it work?

For every TheBizCash investment, we provide you the benefit of purchasing our TheBizCash Assurance policy. TheBizCash Assurance has two different annual coverages up to $100,000 and $250,000.

The $450 TheBizCash Assurance policy insures up to $100,000 investment.

The $750 TheBizCash Assurance policy insures up to $250,000 investment.