Our mission here at TheBizCash is to democratize access to capital in support of our clients, as they build their dreams.

TheBizCash is the #1 online lending marketplace for unsecured business and personal loans in the US.

TheBizCash is a financial company located in Irvine, California, and what makes us different from our competitors is that we provide two different opportunities for our end clients:

  • Investment Options
  • Loan Options

Yes, we provide both investment options and business loans to the end clients. This unique system helps our clients capitalize.

TheBizCash Investors earn 9.87% annually, with monthly payments! The benefit is that while they build credit with us by investing & earning with us, you will be increasing your chance to get a major business loan at lower interest to access the capital you need to run your business.


For instance, we had an Investor put in $5,000 (9.87% ROI),

and while earning on that investment,

We can issued you a loan for up to $125K at only 3.99% interest!

(Minimum investment of $1,000 and maximum is $100,000 for any investment in our system)


We love helping business owners! With over 150,000 registered small business owners, you could make thousands of dollars a month from monthly dividends. Whether your clients invest, need a loan, or both! There is little to no risk involved with us. We are insured through Assurance, and our current policies protect any investments up to $250,000.


Regardless of business performance, defaults, etc, partnering with TheBizCash ensures that people can invest worry-free!


TheBizCash gives all Investors a great opportunity to generate a monthly income. Usually, there is an enormous amount of time and effort involved when it comes to investing. When you partner with us, we take that weight off and allow you to relish the monthly dividends!


Most of our clients who receive funding from TheBizCash are also investors as well. However, they are primarily investors because we give them an easier access to business loans compared to other financial institutions at the cost of holding their investment as collateral till their loan is fully repaid.


Investment Loan:

Funding up to $2,500,000

Rate low as 3.99%

Repayment term up to 36 months

Simple & Fast

Bad credit OK