Affiliate Marketer: We are seeking a talented, unique and highly motivated individual who is looking for a great an opportunity to work and grow with a reputable corporation BUT that is Social Media Savy!!

Compensation: between $125 – $875 per deal = avg $5,000+ per month.
This is pretty much passive income you don’t have to get ready to go to work!
This is extra income you can make from anywhere on your free time!

You spread the word, we get the client, you get the money $$

Qualifying Skills:
Social Media Savy
Public influence
Social Butterfly/Networking

Responsibilities Include:
Checking emails for your compensation $$
Creating a blog for our company
Copy and pasting our companies mission

What we are looking for is a good team of individuals that would like to make money doing what they are already doing, if you are in social media all the time then this is for you!!

All you need to do is share our link onto your social media pages and when we get a referral from your hits then you get your commission!

To get started please sign up at the link below.


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