What our customers say

1.    I am someone who has always been interested in becoming an investor. The only issue was that I never invested in the stock market because of the volatility of the market and its risk. When I found out about TheBizCash’s investment program and its offer for a 9.87% annual return, I thought I’d give it a shot. Now, I am glad I did because I was guaranteed a higher interest rate without any risks.

-Ray Jackson

2.    TheBizcash keeps me self assured knowing that I am guaranteed a 9.87% return on my investment especially after a binding contract.

-Sam Murray

3.    TheBizCash has given me almost 10 TIMES the return than the rate my bank was offering me. I was very thrilled with my decision and I am glad to have worked with them especially after knowing that I was guaranteed to get more than what I invested. 

-Jake Smith

4.    Because I had prior investments in TheBizCash’s program, I was able to acquire a business loan. During periods of financial hardships, there were many times where my interest rate low as 3.99%.

-Alice Johnson

5.    I have been doing business with TheBizCash for several years, and I am pleased with what they had to offer in their investment program especially after they helped me increase my total savings.

-Stephanie Rousey

6.    I am happy to have received a personal loan through TheBizCash because unlike other companies, they gave me the opportunity to dictate the interest rate and the payment term which was convenient for me to repay my debt. Now I am not as stressed as I would be from paying debt to other lenders. 

-Roy Keane